Staff Directory

General Information:
Rev. Joe Colaizzi Executive Director
Steve Riddle Director of Finance and Administration
Elizabeth Russell Director of the KCRM Women’s Center
Connie Chambers Director of Development
Michael Wilson Director of the KCRM Men’s Center
Letiah Fraser Department Manager, Residential Services
Tim Bourland Administrative Coordinator/HR Manager
Nicholas Franklin Department Manager, Volunteer Services
Juliann Hansen Donor and Public Relations Specialist
Tara Richardson Department Manager, Nutrition Services
Larry Hansen Department Manager, Shelter Services
Mary Blackmore Department Manager, Case Management Services
Michael Purlee Department Manager, Chaplaincy Services
James Kohoutek Assistant Director of the Men’s Center
Liz Preston, RN Department Manager, Health Services
Jan Brown Donation and Gift-In-Kind Specialist
Paul Masao Community and Alumni Engagement Specialist
Cordellia Clark-Bailey Department Manager, Educational Services
Willy Houston Department Manager, Facilities Services

KCRM’s Board of Directors

Jeren Rowell President
Jennifer Mahoney Vice President
Ron Crowell Secretary
Terri Bachtel Treasurer
Tim Dykman Member
Eddie Estep Member (Ex Officio)
Jesse Middendorf Member
Joe Colaizzi Member (Ex Officio)