Women’s Ministries

KCRM Women’s Center • 2611 E. 11th Street • Kansas City, MO 64127 • (816) 348-3287

In 2009 and 2010, KCRM conducted three separate surveys involving 27 local social service agencies to confirm our belief that there was a critical gap in services for single, homeless women. Not only did our studies confirm the need, they revealed the majority of single, homeless women suffered with co-occurring disorders, such as addiction and mental illness.

Each year, the Hotline for the Homeless records thousands of calls from single, homeless women; yet only around 75 beds are available in Kansas City. In response, KCRM has opened the KCRM Women’s Center, a 20-bed facility specifically designed and staffed to minister to single, homeless women.

Freedom from the Past, Hope for the Future

The 20-bed KCRM Women’s Center provides a safe, homelike environment where traumatized women can find hope, peace and security as they work to overcome life-challenging barriers to stability and success.

Most of the Women’s Center’s residents were sexually abused as children and have coped with their pain through drugs, alcohol, gambling, hoarding and other addictions. Many have spent time behind bars, prostituted for money, food or shelter, and have suffered continued physical and sexual abuse as adults.

The KCRM Women’s Center provides each resident with a long-term recovery and case management program designed just for her. After an intake assessment, she is paired with a case manager and certified counselor to determine a course of objectives that guide her toward freedom from the past and hope for the future.

Clinical case managers and counselors at the KCRM Women’s Center work with each client to achieve these outcomes:

  • Ongoing addiction recovery with support
  • A sustainable mental health treatment plan
  • A reliable stream of income
  • A productive lifestyle through volunteerism or a paying job
  • A support network that includes a doctor or clinic
  • Appropriate housing

For more information, contact the KCRM Women’s Center at (816) 348-3287.