Women’s Ministries

KCRM Women’s Center • 2611 E. 11th Street • Kansas City, MO 64127 • (816) 348-3287

In 2009 and 2010, KCRM conducted three separate surveys involving 27 local social service agencies to confirm our belief that there was a critical gap in services for single, homeless women. Not only did our studies confirm the need, but revealed that more than 50 percent of this population suffered with dual diagnoses — addiction and mental illness.

The Hotline for the Homeless records repeated calls from hundreds of single, homeless women each year, but only about 75 beds are available to meet the need. KCRM has determined to stand in this gap, establishing the KCRM Women’s Center, slated to open January 2013. The 20-bed center will offer many of the same services available at our Men’s Center, but designed specifically for the needs of single, homeless women with dual diagnoses.

Relief Services

  • Emergency shelter and showers
  • Balanced daily meals
  • Clean clothing and laundry service

Recovery Services

The KCRM Women’s Center will provide a safe attractive and homelike environment where women will find hope, peace and security as they work through the challenges life has thrown their way. Many were sexually abused as children and have coped with their pain through drugs and alcohol. Often the women we serve will have spent time behind bars, have prostituted for money, food or shelter and suffered continued physical and sexual abuse as adults.

Of the 20 beds available, 18 will be residential beds for single women seeking long-term case management and recovery. After an intake assessment, each woman accepted will meet with a case manager and counselor to determine a course of objectives to help her find freedom from the shame of her past and hope for the future

The KCRM Women’s Center will receive most clients through referrals from other agencies and the Hotline for the Homeless, increasing shelter space for single, homeless women in Kansas City by approximately 30 percent.


Case managers at the KCRM Women’s Center will work with each client to achieve most or all of these outcomes:

  • Addiction recovery
  • A mental health treatment plan
  • Regular stream of income
  • Productive lifestyle
  • Support network
  • Permanent housing

After moving into permanent housing, each client can return for Bible study, support groups, counseling and other assistance, along with referrals that will enrich her network of support.