Men’s Ministries

KCRM Men’s Center • 1520 Cherry Street • Kansas City, MO 64108 • (816) 421-7643

Each year, more than 1,400 men seek services at Kansas City Rescue Mission’s Men’s Center.  Often we find that, once a man has received basic care such as food and shelter, he will consider making more transformative choices such as joining KCRM’s recovery community — a program that offers freedom from the past and hope for the future!

Relief Services

  • Emergency shelter and showers
  • Balanced daily meals
  • Healthcare and recuperative care
  • Clean clothing and laundry service
  • Chaplaincy, Bible study and support groups
  • Case management and referrals

Recovery Services

Christian Community of Recovery (C-COR): A six-month residential recovery program offering Bible-based life skills classes, GED preparation, adult high school, and addiction recovery through one-on-one counseling, support groups and Bible study.

Residents meet with their counselors weekly to complete a list of agreed-upon objectives and requirements before graduation.

Reentry Services

Graduates of C-COR may enter KCRM’s Transitional Living Program and stay for up to two years while completing schooling, seeking jobs, building careers and saving toward permanent housing.  Graduates applying for disability may stay in the Transitional Living Program while working with a KCRM case manager to obtain benefits and find appropriate permanent housing.

Transitional Living Program residents continue to meet with their counselors, have access to onsite adult education, are active in their churches and abide by C-COR rules as residents in this program.