A Place of Rest Becomes a Place of Recovery

July 2, 2018 4:15 pm by Elizabeth Perry in Uncategorized

“Lay’s potato chips,” says KCRM recovery resident Brian with a grin, “You can’t have just one.”

Then growing more serious, Brian admits that for him a drink of alcohol is the same.

After Brian’s struggle with alcoholism ruined relationships, good jobs, and places to call home, he turned to KCRM to get the help he needed.

Since joining KCRM’s Christian Community of Recovery (C-COR) several months ago, he’s had to do some deep soul searching. Although at first, Brian says, he didn’t even want to go as far as to admit he had a problem.

That’s all changed now. “I want to clean up my act and commit myself to change,” he says. “I want to show up and do something good for my life.”

Brian continues to “show up” and thrive in C-COR, but it wasn’t the recovery program that initially drew him to KCRM. He was an overnight guest merely seeking a safe place to lay his head.

“I’ve had a lot of things stolen at other [shelters] and didn’t feel safe,” says Brian. “But when I came to KCRM, it was so clean, and I felt secure.”

The quality of the meals doesn’t hurt either, he says, “They DEFINITELY have the best food at KCRM.” (Even occasionally some good ole’ fashioned Lay’s potato chips.)

Like all of us, Brian is a work in progress. But now, showing up with all his heart to classes, counseling appointments, and chapel services, he’s determined to complete what he has begun—and to find freedom from his past and hope for his future.